Pins Snow Globe Glass Cup

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Glitter Color

Double walled 20oz w/ 15 oz capacity

**When choosing your glitter color, be sure not to choose one that will blend into the print as you don't want the image to blend into the look of the glitter.**

This is an insulated glass tumbler and has a glitter mixture in between the layers of the cup to make the cup have a snow-globe effect

Includes a bamboo lid & clear straight plastic straw. 

The bamboo lid comes with a snug-fitting silicone sleeve which prevents leaks and spills

Please be aware of how snow globe tumblers work before making a purchase.  All snow globes will eventually settle at the bottom and must be shaken to activate the glitter to have that flow that is so mesmerizing. The liquid inside is always moving, so it will never look the same at any given moment. It will look the most full right after shaking and then will start to float or settle until it is completely separated, think of it as if a lava lamp and a snow globe were combined.

The design you see is heat pressed onto the glass and is transparent while still presenting the color. Unlike vinyl, you won't feel the design on the surface of the glass. You will be able to see through the design.

BPA free

Avoid extreme temperatures. The mixture inside the cups can expand and leak with direct sun, high heat, or extreme cold.


The glitter will settle at the bottom. Shake it up and watch it settle again.

Hand wash only

Do not put it in the dishwasher

Do not soak

Do not put it in the microwave

Avoid extremely hot or cold temperatures

After every wash, store the cup upside down, The next time you use the cup, it will be ready to flow,

Glitter will settle to the bottom of the cup, make sure to give it a good to make the glitter flow again.

All items are handmade with love, slight imperfections may be present

Please keep in mind that the colors you see on the screen may vary slightly from the actual colors due to colors varying per monitor. And the quality of the monitor or phone.

These are Made to order and can take up to 14 days to ship