Yoga Starter Kits

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New to Yoga?

Our team of Yogis carefully put together the most essential props to feel save and enjoy the most while finding your Zen This kit includes: Entry level mat for a save practice: Excellent grip, lightweight and portable

Dimensions :Length 173cm, Width 61cm, Thickness 4mm. Material: A grey, pink or turquoise Foam Yoga block to gain more flexibility and access postures that feel impossible to enter:

Very lightweight, comfortable stability, solid structure, non stick and soft surface and optimal grip.

Dimensions: Length 14,5cm x width 23cm x height 7,7cm

Weight: Material: Sturdy Foam Two In One Yoga Belt and Sling for support and alignment, increase of flexibility but also for carrying your mat:

Practical and stylish, fits any size yoga mat, easy to use transition from mat carrier to strap. Soft 100% cotton webbing for comfort.

Durable, well constructed and reinforced stitching. Dimensions: Length 180cm x width 3cm, thickness: 2,5mm Material: 100% cotton