Dinero Candles

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Dinero Candles all have $2 up to $2500 inside them! You never know what you are going to get but you know you'll always be a winner of at least a REAL $2 bill! All our Dinero Candles come with a REAL $2 bill inside every candle! Everyone loves the $2 bill and often collects them and refuses to spend them as you might find a rare one with some REAL value! This is a fun, unique way to keep the old tradition of sending $2 bills in greeting cards to your loved ones for the holidays or special occasions like birthdays and such, but in a much COOLER way! The gift recipients will LOVE the thrill of burning their Cash Candle down in excitement and anticipation to get to their cash surprise inside! 

Gardena: Top notes of citrus, lily of the valley, & aldehydes, followed by middle notes of white gardenia, jasmine, & muguet; sitting on a subtle note of amber woods.

Our Honeysuckle Jasmine is the scent of green foliage blending with sweet jasmine; interlaced with blooming honeysuckle blossoms in this garden blend. Musk and sandalwood create sunny warmth for the bouquet. Scent Notes Top Notes: Honeysuckle blossoms Mid Notes: Jasmine flowers, greenery Bottom Notes: Musk, sandalwood